The Dakar is far more than just a race, it’s a true logistic challenge. All the spare parts and tyres have to be planned and packed for the shipping in advance. Here, experience counts more than anything else.

2014, the 10 MINIs ALL4 Racing and the one BMW X3 CC the X-raid Team will enter for the 2014 Dakar will be accompanied by two race trucks, 14 service trucks, two semi-trailer trucks and more than ten service cars. A truck is assigned to every racing car and this truck virtually contains a second car in spare parts. Each of the 10 trucks carries the same cargo and in every truck, every part is stowed at the same place. Serially numbered boxes are supposed to make finding a certain spare part quickly easier.

To keep the use of spare parts in a reasonable range, the service trucks are equipped with several workshops. A composite department where carbon parts are repaired – if possible, a workshop for the electronics and a department for the shock absorbers and the gearbox. Furthermore, there is a production department for welding works and the production of mounts and parts that can’t be changed.

Late in November, everything has to be packed and stowed as the vehicles of the X-raid Teams hit the road for the harbour in Le Havre, France. There, the material will be loaded on a cargo ship chartered by ASO to then be shipped to South America.

Logistics Dakar 2016 - At a glance

12 MINI ALL 4 Racing
13 Trucks
1 per car
1 office truck
1 kitchen trucks
1 truck with drivetrain departement
1 racetrucks
10 service cars
approx 120 team members
50 tons of equipment
Up to 800 tyres including wheels

The fleet of X-raid includes numerous MAN trucks for rally-service as well as race trucks which are both converted for rally use and can be rented on request. Please contact us for further information.