FIA Covid-19-Code

FIA Covid-19-Code

This is a brief summary of the FIA Covid 19 code and is intended to give fans and interested persons an overview of the measures. This summary must not be used as a basis for participation in events and does not claim to be exhaustive. 

Original document FIA Covid-19-Code (Appendix S): here



The COVID-19 Code applies to each of the following parties involved in an event: FIA, national motorsport association, organizer, promoter, teams, broadcaster, suppliers,…

Part One Events: Formula One Races

Part Two Events: Competitions in another FIA Championship, cup, trophy, challenge, series, and/or international series registered on the FIA international sporting calendar

Covid-19 Delegate: Person designated by the FIA who is responsible for overseeing the operation of the COVID-19 Code at an event. For Part Two Events, the COVID-19 Delegate will be the FIA Medical Delegate or (if there is no Medical Delegate at the Event) the Chief Medical Officer.

The delegate can eject attendees from events not because of a risk that he/she is or may be infected but instead based on his/her deliberate or serious or repeated breach of the COVID-19 Code.

Profile 1 attendees: enter High Density Areas (paddock, race control,…)

Profile 2 attendees: enter Low Density Areas. They are not allowed to enter High Density Areas



Requirements – Organiser

  • Needs an effective risk mitigration plan for high density areas
  • For example: temperature checks, hand washing, one-way-system


Requirements – teams

  • Only persons who are essential for a safe and successful participation should travel with the team
  • The team has to provide a list to the organizer (which will be stored for 6 years)
        • Up-to-date lift of attendees (who have to be “fit to attend”
        • Each team member has to agree to the Covid 19 code
        • One team member is responsible for monitoring and contact to the Covid-19-Deligate
  • If a person feels not longer “fit to attend” the he/she must report it immediately to the team. In this case the team has to advise the Covid-19-Delegate




  • should keep interactions with person not belonging to the team to a minimum
  • who are member of the same group don´t need to observe social distancing. However, it is recommended to observe social distancing or to wear face masks
  • must keep interactions with other groups to a minimum
  • must wear masks whenever they are in a space which is not exclusively used my members of their group
  • must observe social distancing in respect of all attendees who are not members of the group. If social distancing is not possible the attendee has to wear a mask

Suppliers of shared products or services to all competitors (tyres, on-board cameras…) may specify mitigration measures (like creating specific time-slots)



  • attendees should only travel with members of their group / team
  • If an Attendee develops any COVID-19 Symptoms or tests positive for the COVID-19 virus within 14 days of the end of an event, he/she must report this immediately to his/her team. The attendee has to provide details of all Attendees with whom he/she was in Close Contact during that time. The team will then advise the COVID-19 Delegate who will follow up as necessary in respect of Attendees with whom that Attendee had been in Close Contact.

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